23rd Constituents held an emergency rally in Ithaca on Saturday, January 28th in support of Immigration Rights.

The Indivisible Guide Team released best practices and a script for contacting members of Congress about this Executive Order.  Click here to check out their resources.

Unfortunately for us, Congressman Tom Reed supports this Executive Order.

Click here for Tom Reed’s press release supporting the Executive Order.

Click here to hear Tom Reed support the Executive Order via WHCU.  “Reed added that the attack in Quebec is proof that “this threat is real”…”

To be clear- the attack in Quebec was on a Mosque.  Here’s an article about the suspect.  “A group that welcomes Syrian refugees to Quebec called “Welcome Refugees” wrote on Facebook that Bissonnette had trolled the group on social media with comments supporting the anti-immigration French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen.”



1/28 Emergency Rally in Ithaca to Support Immigration Rights
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