The Washington Post wrote an article titles: The health bill is a total disaster. That’s why Republicans keep lying about it.

There are three GOP leaders mentioned in the article- Tom Reed being one of them.

Here is a quote from the article:

“Also on CNN, GOP Rep. Tom Reed of New York, who voted for the bill, dodged and weaved in a telling fashion. CNN’s Chris Cuomo pressed him on why Republicans don’t simply “own” the fact that the bill’s huge tax cuts for the rich will result in many fewer people covered, and defend it on the merits. In response, Reed segued into talking points about how high taxes are crushing his state — sidestepping the little detail that the GOP bill’s tax cuts are targeted towards the very affluent and very rich — and insisted Republicans were devoted to finding “innovative” ways to cover those who might be left uninsured, while suggesting the bill could be fixed later.”

Later in the article, it reads:

“But it is hard to find a Republican who will forthrightly defend the actual projected consequences of the bill’s manner of undoing all of those things. Untold numbers of people with preexisting conditions will be more vulnerable to losing coverage, financial ruin, and in certain cases possibly death. Millions of lower-income people will lose coverage. Instead of arguing that these things are worth the trade-off of doing away with the mandate and the high end taxes, Republicans who support the bill continue to deny that those things will happen at all, in the face of all evidence and expert analysis to the contrary.”

The quotes above, and the “featured image,” all come from this article.

Tom Reed “dodged and weaved” on CNN
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