Tom Reed held three town halls last Saturday, and continued to share his enthusiasm for the AHCA he helped to pass- while continuing to share inaccurate information about the bill to his constituents.  Even as constituents asked questions and corrected him, he continued to insist the facts about the bill weren’t the facts.

Per the attached article: “The congressman (Tom Reed) also said the American Health Care Act “upholds protections for pre-existing conditions and the expansion of Medicaid, which help our most vulnerable populations,” although one of the most controversial provisions of the bill would give the states the option of seeking a waiver to allow insurance companies to raise premiums for people with pre-existing conditions.”

This ABC News clip highlights the town halls, and explains where Tom is wrong with the facts:

Speaking of misinformation being shared by Tom Reed, he also passed this handout out at one of his town halls, loaded with false statements.  And yes, he also misspelled “health.”

Anger Mounting in the 23rd Over Reed’s Vote for Health Care Bill
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