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7/21/2018  Letters: The Tom Reed yard sign incident

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7/21/2018  Reed Accuses Mitrano Backers Of Harassment; County Dem Chairman Responds

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7/21/2018  I Led the F.B.I. Mueller Is Just Doing His Job.

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7/21/2018  After Putin Meeting, Trump Voters Mostly Dig In. But Cracks Are Showing.

7/21/2018  This sad, embarrassing wreck of a man

7/21/2018  Trump finally blamed Putin for Russia’s interference — except not really

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7/3/2018 As Trump Consolidates Power, Democrats Confront a Rebellion in Their Ranks

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7/3/2018 Women Might Save America Yet

5/20/2018  Chinese Definitely ‘Here to Engage’ on Trade, says Rep. Reed

5/20/2018  Congressman Reed to spearhead new mental health initiative

5/20/2018  With Dresser-Rand closing, Wellsville caught between ‘hope’ and ‘ghost town coming’

5/4/2018  Healthcare, Farm Bill, school safety, and guns among topics at Tom Reed’s town hall

5/4/2018  Congressman Tom Reed holds town hall-style debate

5/2/2018  The lesson of the Steny Hoyer controversy: party insiders still matter after all

5/2/2018  On Anniversary of House Obamacare Repeal, Democrats Look to Extract a Price

5/2/2018  How Democrats can make Trump chaos a midterm issue

5/1/2018  The Health 202: Leading Obamacare insurer says things are ‘materially worse’ under Trump administration

5/1/2018  Investment Boom From Trump’s Tax Cut Has Yet to Appear

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5/1/2018  Congressman Tom Reed: There’s a “wave out there.”

4/30/2018 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Trump must not be allowed to stop probe

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4/23/18  Why the Trump tax cuts are 

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4/23/18  Senators worry Koch brothers have too much influence in Trump administration

4/23/18  Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign and WikiLeaks alleging 2016 campaign conspiracy

4/17/18  Reed talks trade, Syria in local visit

4/17/18  County Jobs Could Be Impacted By Tariff Talks

4/17/18  Letter: Reed representative of Washington “swamp”

4/17/18  Congressman Reed shows support of tax reform bill at CVS distribution facility

4/17/18  Ryan Seeks to Quell GOP Infighting by Rallying Around McCarthy

4/12/18  New poll: American youth more inclined to vote and strongly prefer a Democratic Congress

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4/10/18  The fundraising hauls are huge — but these Democrats are still long shots

4/10/18  ‘That’s bizarre’: Realtors weigh in on Scott Pruitt’s $50-a-night condo room deal in D.C.

4/10/18   Republicans Seize on Impeachment for Edge in 2018 Midterms

4/10/18  Farmers’ Anger at Trump Tariffs Puts Republican Candidates in a Bind

4/10/18  Consumer Bureau’s Chief Gives Big Raises, Even as He Criticizes Spending

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6/28/17  Upper Allegheny Health System president and CEO blasts Senate, House Republican health care bill

6/27/17  Rep. Tom Reed reacts angrily to Gov. Cuomo statement on health care, taxes

6/27/17  Reed Calls Cuomo a Liar and a Bully in Response to Criticism Over GOP Healthcare Plan

6/27/17  RTW: Tom Reed’s Insurance Math Problem

6/25/17  Letters: What else is Reed getting wrong?

6/24/17  WATCH: Joy Reid gets in the face of GOP rep for using health care plan to give a tax cut to the wealthy

6/23/17  Fourth Democrat enters race to challenge Tom Reed in 23rd Congressional District

6/23/17  Editorial: Senate bill ignores the goal of improving health

6/19/17  Lawmakers grapple with how to build from Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’

6/18/17  Letters: Conflict of interest for Rep. Reed?

6/11/17  Letters: AHCA passage puts New Yorkers at risk

6/8/17  Congressman Tom Reed speaks on Comey testimony

6/8/17  YOUR OPINION: Reed’s climate positions don’t add up at town hall

6/7/17  Dems target Collins, other NY Republicans in 2018 House elections

6/6/17  Fact-checking Tom Reed’s Trumansburg Town Hall

6/6/17  Commentary: Availability depends on demographics

6/5/17  Reed holds round of town halls

6/4/17  Letters: Reed has explaining to do

6/4/17  ‘Vote him out!’: Protesters shut down New York GOP congressman’s health care town hall

6/3/17  Rep. Tom Reed faces contentious crowd in Town Hall meeting

6/3/17  Constituents start filing in for Tom Reed town hall in Trumansburg

6/2/17  Dems look to challenge Reed: National committee may target Corning Republican

6/2/17  Reed Backs Trumps, Says Paris Accord Unfair to American Workers

6/2/17  Reed plans town hall meeting Saturday in Geneva

6/1/17  Reed expected to face critical crowd in Geneva

5/31/17  LETTER: Rep. Reed holds town halls, then returns to D.C., does what he wants

5/30/17  Reed Defends AHCA While Touring Dunkirk Health Care Facility

5/29/17  Congressman Tom Reed: I’m Worried About the Millions of People Who May Lose Their Health Insurance

5/26/17  YOUR OPINION: America must restore its scientific infrastructure

5/26/17  Problem Solvers insist it’s not too late for tax reform

5/23/17  Lawmakers Pledge Bipartisan Support for Pairing Tax Reform, Infrastructure Spending

5/23/17  WRFALP Media Conference Call – Congressman Tom Reed: May 23 2017

5/22/17  DCCC Adds Rep. Tom Reed to Midterm Targets

5/22/17  Americans for Affordable Products Launches Local Campaign in NY

5/20/17  MSNBC: A “witch hunt?” Rep. Reed says people trying to “take pres. down”

5/19/17  Fox Business: Tom Reed on Tax Reform

5/18/17  The Buffalo News: Collins, others react to appointment of special counsel for Russia probe

5/18/17  The Post-Journal: Busti Officials Plan Apology After Reed Town Hall

5/16/17  Ithaca Journal: Protesters hold die-in by Reed’s office in Ithaca

5/16/17  Olean Times Herald: Rep. Tom Reed: Not enough evidence to warrant special prosecutor in Russian probe

5/15/17  Trump’s Tax Plan Renews Anxieties About Deficits And The Debt

5/15/17  WRVO: Town halls become contentious issue for area members of Congress

5/12/17  Rep Tom Reed on Russian Influence on Vote

5/11/17  Seneca Daily: “Die-In” at Tom Reed’s Office in Geneva Protests ACHA

5/11/17  Reed Health Care Vote “Heartless”

5/11/17  “TrumpCare” Nothing to Boast About

5/10/17  WRFA: Reed Stands By His Vote of AHCA, Says Opposition is Based on Misinformation

5/10/17  Protest Held in Geneva after Reed Votes for Obamacare Repeal

5/9/17  [LISTEN] Media Conference Call – Congressman Tom Reed: May 9 2017

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5/8/2017  Washington Post: The health bill is a total disaster. That’s why Republicans keep lying about it.

5/8/2017  Tracking Tom Reed’s Congressional Voting Record & Trump Score

5/7/2017  Reed Again Faces Criticism On Health Care At Town Hall Meeting

5/7/2017  Public Questions Reed on Health Care

5/6/2017  * ABC News: House Republicans face voters in home districts angry over health care bill

5/6/2017  Good Morning America: House Republicans face voters in home districts angry over health care bill

5/5/2017  Press Connects Editorial: Reed, Tenney Make Poor Choice on Health Care Vote

5/5/2017  Social media firestorm ensues after GOP passes AHCA

5/4/2017  Cornell Sun Editorial: Reed’s Vote for AHCA Bad for District

5/4/2017  AARP: Don’t Get Fooled: The Age Tax is a Real Thing

5/2/2017  Rep. Reed Expresses Optimism for Proposed Healthcare Replacement Bill

4/27/17  Reed Should Oppose New Health Care Bill 

4/15/2017  Democrats Seek 2018 Candidate to Challenge Rep. Tom Reed

4/8/2017  Reed supports strike on Syria

4/7/17  LETTER: Administration’s budget blueprint an ‘alarming’ vision of future

4/6/2017  We should see president’s tax returns

4/6/2017  Who will pick the grapes?

4/6/17  Who Does Tom Reed Represent?

4/1/2017  Reed’s effort to find ‘common ground’ met with shouting, contention

4/1/2017  Reed faces angry crowd in Tyrone session

4/1/2017  Crowd Confronts Reed in Tyrone

3/29/2017  Watershed group writes Reed to express concerns

3/26/2017  Loss of Great Lakes funding threatens our area resource

3/18/2017  Letter: Single-payer option is best to reform health care

3/17/17 Letter: An open letter to U.S. Rep. Tom Reed

3/17/17  Letter: Tom Reed — an unaffordable act?

3/15/17  AARP: Proposed Health Care Law Hammers People Over 50

3/9/17  Questions that Reed Must Answer

3/7/2017  AARP Opposes Healthcare Bill

2/28/2017  WSKG: This Reporter Looked Into Claims Of “Paid Protesters.” Here’s What He Found.

2/28/2017  Dozens Rally in front of Rep. Reed Office for Voting Rights

2/21/2017 KCRW’s To the Point Radio Show: Republicans go home again — keeping their heads down (A 23rd Indivisible group member was interviewed)

2/19/2017 MSNBC: Rep. Tom Reed responds to upset constituents at town hall

2/19/2017 NPR: New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed Faces Angry Crowds, Deep In Trump Country

2/19/2017 The NY Times: Republicans Charge Into Resistance at Tumultuous Town Halls

2/18/2017 The Huffington Post: Constituents Flood Another GOP Congressman’s Town Halls And Angrily Confront Him

2/18/2017 MSNBC: GOP lawmakers face angry constituents

2/18/2017 The NY Times: Tom Reed’s Town Hall Meeting in North Harmony, N.Y.

2/18/2017 ABC News: Congress members met with crowds and protests at town halls


2/18/2017 Overflow crowds turn out for Rep. Tom Reed’s town hall meetings

2/18/2017 GOP Congressman Tom Reed holds town hall meetings

2/18/2017 Hundreds turn out for Tom Reed town halls

2/18/2017 Reed named to Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health

2/18/2017 Progressive protest movement swarms into town halls of Reed’s district

2/18/2017  Many locals express concerns at Congressman Tom Reed’s Town Hall Meetings

2/10/2017 Why Tompkins County Should Tell The Feds How To Fix Health Care

2/7/2017 Refugee ban puts Reed on hot seat

2/7/2017 Community Members Rally Against the Replacement of the Affordable Care Act

2/7/2017 Demonstrations Spread to Rep. Reed Offices Outside Geneva

2/7/2017 Demonstrators Swarm Reed’s Office, Demand Support for Constituents

2/5/2017 Local progressives hold grassroots meeting in response to Trump

2/3/2017 Healthcare is a Human Right

2/3/2017 Protesters plan weekly rally outside Republican rep’s office in Geneva

2/2/2017 Panel informs public of possible ACA repeal affects

2/2/2017 Property Taxes Could Increase if the ACA is Repealed

2/1/2017 Hundreds Rally in front of Rep. Reed’s Geneva Office

2/1/2017 Protesters rally in front of Reed’s Geneva office

2/1/2017 Area Colleges Unsure How Refugee Ban Will Impact Enrollment

1/27/2017 Many Need ACA to be remain intact

1/22/2017 Too many stand to lose in repeal

1/20/2017 Southern Tier Advocates for Public Education Rally Outside Congressman Reed’s Office

1/19/2017  Ithaca Resists, Ponders A Future Without ACA

1/19/2017 Rally in front of Tom Reed’s Corning office

1/19/2017 ACA repeal will hurt many people

1/17/2017 Tell Reed to save Affordable Care Act

1/13/2017 Rally in Ithaca in Support of Keeping & Improving the ACA

1/12/2017 Tell Reed not to repeal ACA

1/12/2017 United Health Care Workers Rally Corning Residents to Voice Concern Against Repealing Obamacare

1/10/2017 Southern Tier can’t afford ACA repeal

1/10/2017 Rep. Barbara Lifton’s Letter to Rep. Reed and  Rep. Tenney about the ACA Repeal