These are difficult, divisive times for our nation. One only needs to turn on the evening news, read the local newspaper or scan social media to feel the incredible divide amongst the American people. Any conversation regarding the state of the nation is too often explosive. We tend to cocoon ourselves with like-minded people and shun any opposing viewpoints. Civil discourse is rare and real honest debate is non-existent.
Congressman Reed has been recently promoting himself as a bridge builder. As one of the leaders of the Problem Solvers Caucus, he purports to be dedicated to bipartisanship for the greater good of the nation, and he has been rewarded with a plenitude of free press in the process.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The sad reality is that this is yet another political ploy by the savvy Congressman. Within the 23rd District, Reed has not only shown incredible disregard for many of his constituents, but has actively tried to divide the district by spreading fear and anger.
Reed has been using social media to attack those who speak out against him. He has posted clips and statements from constituents that are not only taken out of context, but greatly misrepresented. Recently, he shared vitriolic comments posted against him of his Facebook page. There were many comments, yet he chose the few that would create a stir. The ONLY reason he had for doing this was to anger people and create further division. He often uses the terms “liberal” and “extremist” to describe anyone that dare challenge him. He has even taken clips of rallies in Corning, twisted them to fit his message and then used it for campaigning.
This is completely contrary and hypocritical to his message of trying to elevate dialogue and find common ground. His posts do nothing but drive people further apart. If Congressman Reed truly cared about his constituents, he wouldn’t ostracize those who speak out. He would stop trying to pit them against one another and find ways to make the 23rd a better place for all.

Problem-Solvers Caucus Leader or Problem- Causing Leader?

3 thoughts on “Problem-Solvers Caucus Leader or Problem- Causing Leader?

  • August 4, 2017 at 8:53 am

    He has aligned himself with Trump in more ways than one, having adopted as his own the divide-and-conquer approach. He decries “Thompkins County liberals” as if they are outliers of the district and can be written off, echoing Trump’s disdain for education. He capitalizes on the tragic shooting of a colleague to demonize his opposition by suggesting that we are violent while ignoring the menacing behavior of some of his supporters at town hall meetings. His fundraising letters appeal to ignorance and prejudice in his supporters, debasing himself and them, rather than lifting the dialogue to a level where “common ground” is possible. This is not the profile of a problem solver.

  • August 4, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Good comments. Now we must turn our attention to tax “reform.”

  • August 4, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    I have been listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcasts. He has one on moral licensing, an interesting concept, and one that Reed practices as a representative. Reed can tell a story about him and his mom helping at a food pantry which just goes to show he is interested in feeding people, so now he can go back to DC and cut SNAP/school nutrition programs, etc. because he already proved he cared about nutrition for those in need. Reed can tell a story about him volunteering at a hospice which just goes to show he is interested in health care for those in need, so now he can go back to DC and vote to repeal ACA because he already proved he cared about for health care for those who do/may need it. Reed has given himself permission to be destructive.


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