On June 1st, a sad day for the climate, Rep. Tom Reed attended a fundraiser in Bemus Point for his 2018 re-election.  He was greeted by dozens of his constituents protesting his alignment with the President and the draconian GOP agenda.

When he arrived, constituents felt he attempted his usual imitation of the caring man of the people.  Unfortunately his voting record and his refusal to distance himself from any of the Republican cuts to healthcare, the environment, or education tells constituents that he doesn’t actually care for them or their families. He approached the protesters and tried to shake hands, many refused. Based on past experience, many who attended believe Reed was using them in order to get photo ops and spin it to his advantage. He responded by saying “we are all Americans.” One constituent replied with “put Country before Party.” Many others responded in a similar way, refusing his hand with statements about his vote to repeal healthcare, or his support to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

The fundraiser was held at the Ellicottville Brewing Co. in an enclosed deck, on the street side where the protesters stood. While protesting outside the restaurant, constituents heard the regular beeping of horns from passing cars and members of the community, displaying their support for their neighbors who were standing up for the environment, healthcare, and decency in government.

Reed Found a Protest on the Way to Fundraiser
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