Congressman Tom Reed continues to spread inaccurate information about the AHCA, and how it will impact us- his constituents.  (See previous posts.)

And recently, he also stated at the Hinsdale Fire Hall town hall that he didn’t know how his vote for the AHCA (TrumpCare) and for the repeal of the ACA (Obamacare) would impact his constituents.  He acknowledged not knowing BASIC information before making a vote that would have tremendous negative consequences on his district.

Per this article in the Olean Times Herald:

“One of the greatest concerns expressed was that things were about to change for the worse for those with pre-existing conditions who have been protected by the Affordable Care Act.

The congressman said he didn’t know if there was a cap on costs under pre-existing conditions in the House Republican bill. He also said he did not know how many in the 23rd Congressional District would lose health insurance under the Republican plan.

“How much would it cost?” asked one attendee. According to Associated Press reports, budget analysts estimate 24 million Americans would lose insurance over a decade — 14 million in the first year — and older Americans would face higher costs. Some reports indicate that walling off those with pre-existing conditions into risk pools could lead to lower premiums for others.”

Folks, we have got to elect people who will vote KNOWING how it will impact us- their constituents. Tom Reed not knowing how the AHCA will impact his district, BEFORE voting for it, is total and complete incompetence.

Tom Reed Says He Doesn’t Know How AHCA will Impact Constituents & Voted Anyway
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